Datenspuren 2022

Let's make some traditional Ukrainian folk dolls
2022-09-18, 12:00–16:00, Bar/Foyer
Language: English

We will make a traditional folk doll. I will provide all the necessary material.

Common white fabric like natural canvas or bright-colored cotton is welcome but not demanded. So if you have some leftovers, that would make a nice donation.

"Motanka" is a traditional Ukrainian doll made out of old fabric with thread, without applying needle. Parts of the doll are not sewn, but tied together.
Such dolls were widely used as toys for children and as some helpful everyday magic: certain types of those dolls were made for a wedding, for better health, wealth, to secure a newborn baby, etc.
Such "magical" dolls were supposed to have no face with eyes and often had a cross on their face.

Max. 10 people.

You are welcome if you speak one of the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

If you speak any other language, you are also welcome, but please don't hope I will be able to understand you.

Kids of 6 years and above are welcome.

I studied Ukrainian language and literature in Kyiv.
In the past I was a Ukrainian root folk musician. In 2006 - 2013 I was a part of a group that investigated village folk music and traditions and applied them for modern-style festivals and private parties.