Datenspuren 2023

3 years after uprising in Belarus - political situation and repressions in the coutry
09-15, 17:00–18:30 (Europe/Berlin), Henny-Brenner-Saal
Language: English

Presentation about repressions in Belarus and anarchists movement in exile

In August 2020 belarusian people rose against dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko hopying to overthrow a regime, existing in Belarus since 1994. Several months of protests ended up in mass wave of repressions and political migration from the country. With thousands of political prisoners out of which at least 30 are anarchists, Belarus is the country with one of the highest levels of repressions in Europe this days.

Couple of years later Vladimir Putin started full scale invasion of Ukraine with support of belarusian regime. This created even more problems for the rest of resistance against dictatorship in Belarus.

During this talk member of ABC-Belarus will present the current political situation inside the country and in diaspora organized in Poland/Lithuania. What are the perspectives of the people trying to overthrow dictatorship and what is the role of anarchists in the whole story?

The talk will be around 90 minutes with space for questions and a discussion.