LiTa 2023

War in Ukraine and anti-authoritarian activism
09-12, 19:35–21:35 (Europe/Berlin), Kaffee Konkurs
Language: English

Presentation about the current political situation in Ukraine in the times of war

A full-scale war broke out in Ukraine, caused by imperialist ambitions of Russia. In the situation when two mechanized armies fight each other on the scale rarely seen for decades, there is no easy solutions for anarchist, left and antifascist activists. Considering all of the suffering which Russian imperialist aggression brought to Ukraine, antiauthoritarian activist decided to join the military struggle, even if it means joining the army. We would like to tell you about this struggle and the situation in Ukraine in general.

By Solidarity Collectives

We are Solidarity Collectives, a group of Ukrainian anarchists who united when the Russian invasion began, in order to support our comrades fighting at the front and help those affected by the Russian invasion.