LiTa 2023

Housing crisis in Czechia: Emerging cooperatives and solidarity networks
09-13, 18:15–19:45 (Europe/Berlin), AZ Conni
Language: English

Housing crisis in Czechia gave opportunity for emergence of several new self-organised groups.

Housing crisis in Czechia is reaching its peak. People are experiencing rising prices of rent, energies, food due to inflation and legal protection is weak, rental contracts are usually concluded for only one year. We are living in constant uncertainty, wondering we will have to leave our home.

However, crisis can also be an opportunity for self-organised groups to emerge and bring up new solutions. Members of new cooperative Seagull will talk about activities they are involved. We will talk about new Tenants initiative and how people organize to help each other to reach affordable living. In less than a year this initiative has recruited dozens of new members. We will also talk about new cooperative housing network which is first of its kind in Czechia. One of a new houseproject is located in nearby city Děčín where many collectives can find space for organizing. Come to discuss what we do and share our experiences.